Kayak Camping Hints and Recommendations
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2005-10-05 - 20:52:19
Backpacker's dehydrated foods - in general, they're going for light weight &
quick preparation time, not necessarily low packing bulk. Weight is far less a
concern in a 'yak than in a backpack - volume is the bigger concern. Consider
shopping at Trader Joe's (or even Safeway) instead.
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2005-10-05 - 20:53:15
Stoves - if you're going to do subtle cooking, find a stove that operates at low
heat for simmer as well as high for a fast boil. I like the Coleman Xponent
Xtreme because it uses small canisters separate from the stove (easier to pack
into nooks & crannies in the 'yak), and the canisters can be safely punctured
when finished to empty them completely for recycling the aluminum. But that's
just my personal preference.
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2005-10-05 - 20:53:52
Chairs - remember you may be on a sandy beach, so small "feet" may sink in. The
foam "stadium seats", or the sleeves that turn a Therma-Rest into a chair on
the ground, are quite comfortable - but harder to get up from than a regular
chair (at least for someone of my bulk!)
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2005-10-05 - 20:54:42
Tents - one advantage of a free-standing dome is that it does not HAVE to be
staked down to hold it's shape. On a rocky or sandy beach, this can be a plus -
you don't have to find anchor spots for all the corners (if it's windy you'll
probably want to set some sort of anchor to keep it from blowing away).
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2005-10-05 - 20:55:27
Coastal camping around here tends to be in moderate temperatures (rarely below
freezing), so you can use a 3-season tent and lighter-insulation sleeping bag
rather than ones designed for winter camping in the mountains.
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2005-10-05 - 20:56:11
The common wisdom is synthetic fill sleeping bags maintain warmth when damp
better than down filled. In boats & on the coast dampness can happen. However
most synth bags do not pack as small as a similar-warmth down bag, and a good
dry bag should keep your sleeping bag safe until your tent is set up. I
personally use a synth-filled bag, but I know others who use down.
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2005-10-17 - 22:17:23
One thing to consider about tents is the length of the individual pole segments. The shorter the segments, the easier to fit in the hatch.
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