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Several advertisers on this site have received e-mails like this:-

Hello, It's been nice know this web-site and truly found what exact thing have been looking for.I got the placement of the advert of your item from a decent site and decided to make a contact with you and really found out about what your last offer is bcos' I saw the price and i think is some how expensive, also i will like to know the present condition of the item.I am from the west part of africa and I specialized in buying of used items and product and resale them for any of my cleint who is interested to purchase it from me and now i have one. expecting your reply! Regards.

Whilst the English is somewhat lyrical (similar to the Nigerian " 4-1-9 " or "Advance Fee Fraud" schemes), the scam is quite real. Here's how it works: - An offer is made on some item, the price is generous and the buyer agrees to pay the shipping. The buyer sends you a cashier's check but a mistake has been made, the check is for $500 or $1,000 more than the purchase amount. The cashier's check looks good so you take it to your bank and they accept it. The buyer asks that you wire the excess funds back to them and ship the item... Two weeks later your bank comes back to you and tells you the check was a fake after all, not their liability and you are screwed. Plus your boat's in the mail...